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Continuum, the Sci-Fi TV series hit for this summer?


So… TV season is over until next fall… or is it?

Sunday night, I was waiting for an other episode of AMC The Killing,  I fell on this new TV Pilot, Continuum. I didn’t have any expectation because well, I never heard of it. The first episode had some visual resemblance with the Tom Cruise movie Minority Report. The story take place  in the year 2077, a gang of terrorists are brought to justice and escape, but escape to a different time, they are brought back to past in 2012 ( paging Doc Emmett Brown!)

The first episode was good and it looks like it might have a bright future and  I know most of geeky friends will enjoy  that show too!

If you like shows like  Fringe, X-Files, Quantum Leap & Heroes, this might be for you!It airing  on Show Case on Sunday night Starting May 27th 2012.

Comic books that should be adapted for the big screen.


Trough the years, I’ve read some comics books that felt like if I was watching a movie such as Frank Millers Sin City & Marvel The Ultimate’s (which Marvel just released The Avengers movie based on that book)  I’ve written down a short list below of comic books that to me, are obvious choices to be  adapted for a television series or for the big screen. Also, if your are looking for some good comic books to read, that list is golden.


Television adaptation:

Y: The last man

Publish by DC comics/ Vertigo

Written by Brian K. Vaughan drawn by Pia Guerra

On a Wednesday morning in July of 2002, all the male species on Earth dies except Yorick Brown, a amateur escape artist and is monkey Ampersand. What save them for the plague? Is the talisman Yorick had just acquired for is girl friend or maybe is new acquire Capuchin monkey? We follow is quest as he try to reunited himself with is girl friend that is currently in Australia. With the help of some new friends, Yorick will try to survive a dangerous journey after the down fall of society.


Rising Stars

Publish by Image Comics/Top Cow

Written by Michael j Straczynski

A comet pass over a small town causing all the new born to be gifted and shared a common bond. The story tells  the tales of the Special and how they rise and fall. One really good take on “What if ” super hero existed in the real world.


Midnight Nation

Publish by Image comics/Top Cow

Written by Michael j Straczynski art by Gary Frank

David Grey, a police officer is investigating a murder, when he track down the potential murderer, he touch’s a strange man and lost a part a himself and seems to have as fallen trough the cracks of society. He will need to travel a long road to try to get back what was stolen from him.


Supreme Power

Publish by Marvel

Written by Michael j Straczynski art by Gary Frank

What if Superman was raise by the government instead of is loving adopting parents? Amazing art and a great story line.




Publish by DC comics/ Vertigo

Written by Garth Ennis art by Steve Dillon

We follow the adventure of Jesse Custer, An small town alcoholic preacher and Cassidy a Irish vampire. Jesse as hit the bottom of the barrel concerning is religious belief but everything changes when suddenly  is possesses by the Genesis entity and give him a very special power, the voice of God. This series will never be made because of the Catholicism bashing it gets and all the other crazy stuff that goes down in that epic adventure, just go & read it.


Movie adaptation:



Publish by Dc Comics

Written and drawn by Frank Miller Colors by Lynn Varley

We witness the reincarnation of Ozaki, a Samurai warrior from feudal japan into the 22nd century to battle an evil spirit. A really good graphic Novel that would really make a great movie  because of the way our society is turning today with technologies & myths.


Old Man Logan

Publish by Marvel

Written by Mark Millar and drawn by Steve McNiven

In a not too distant future, the superheroes as fallen, the villains as won. Most of them died in battle.  Very few of them are alive, Logan A.K.A the Wolverine is one of them, trying to live a quiet peaceful life with is family, but every month, The Banners come make a visit and beat the hell out of him to remind him who is charge now. Logan is broke and he as issue paying the Banners. Hawk Eyes, need’s a driver to deliver a pay load all the way to the others side of the country.



Publish by Image comics/Top Cow

Written by Marc Millar art by  J. G. Jones

The Killer of all Killers  finally gets a bullet  between the eyes. the organization decide to train is low life with no self-esteem son to replace him. Well this was already adapted for a movie but it was such a disgrace for the original  comic book, they just had to follow the comic book page by page, chapter by chapter, how hard can this be?





Publish by Marvel/ Icon

Written by Marc Millar art by Leinil Francis Yu

Simon Pooni a handicap kid is given the powers and appearance of  a Super Hero Movie Icon.  Superior is a great story about human weakness and the constant battle between good and evil.

Summer movie season is coming over which movie will you go see?



I love movies and this summer, we have  a killer line up  ahead of us.

Just take my money and shut up!!

here a list of movie for sure I will shell out some premium dough to get the 5D Maximus MMX seating, ambient sound 9.1 with spilled extra butter on it!


The Avengers Assemble.

Theater released date: May 4th.

Well, I’ve seen it, and once the crowd will calm down, I will go see it again! Yes it’s really entertaining. I can wait to see Hulk again, he is just plain Incredible!


Theater released date: June 2nd.

I have no  expectation for that movie but, I had the same feeling for Up and once I’ve seen it was one of my favorite Pixar movie.



Theater released date: May 25th.

Men in black, they are back and I can wait to see it. Yes I am a sucker for sci-fi, conspiracy and aliens, so this movie is a sure hit with me.  The preview is effective, it doesn’t show or tell much. I like it like that.



Theater released date: June 8th.

I am really excited that Ridley Scott doing a prequel to Alien. Micheal  Fassbender is portraying a droids l, Well he looks perfect for that part. I am not too convince about Noomi Rapace in that one, it look like her acting is little off…I will see that movie for sure with in the first week of its release.



Theater released date: July 13th.

That movie looks really funny but, I am affraid all the good parts are shown in the movie preview.


The Dark Knight Rise

Theater released date: July 18t.

I will see it because I loved the series so far. I am not thrilled about the preview but I guess director Nolan will probably trough us a few curve ball.


Total Recall

Theater released date: August 3rd.

As a kid,  it was one of my favorite movie

It was perfect, it had Arnold , Sharon Stone, a 3tits woman, some amazing effect & a twisted ending.  It will be probably the flop of the year with a 200 millions budget and Colin Farrell ( don’t get me wrong, I love Colin movies, but he is curse at the box office.





Jeremy Geddes, photo realistic painter or CGI artist?



There I was running in the snow last January, running to get to the book stores near my work, I really needed to escape during my lunch time. I am giving the long stare at this cover, February edition of Juxtapoz.

My surrounding is buzzing with people. Here I am, Mesmerized, looking at it for several seconds, my winter gear look similar to the Cosmonaut…Mission accomplish, we got lift off! Destination, Jeremy Geddes world, one that is fill with big empty city… a few Cosmonauts and dreamers lurking around. Here I am, not running anymore, looking at the most beautiful magazine cover I’ve ever seen.




At the  first glance I taught that Jeremy arts was made from CGI(computer generated Imagery) but it was not, it is oil painting.

I carried the magazine around to show it to my friends for a few weeks.( You liar! You don’t have any friends! The only friend you had back then was that magazine! and what did you do to that magazine? You cut it into piece to post it on your wall!! ) Every time I pull out the mag to show it to my friends they ask me : “ Do you mind if I keep that magazine? And my response was “ Oh no, I don’t mind, I’ve been carrying it around for weeks so I could finally gave it to you! (NOT) It was clear that I was not the only one that was moved by M. Geddes art work. You can have a view of is latest work at








Some of is painting took 6 months to complete and we are not talking part time painting here. He paints 12 hours a day, seven days a week! That is dedication! Is cosmonaut series is mind blowing!








He did also covers for the independent comic book Doomed, they look amazing also!

I’ve got the perfect excuse to visit new York this fall,

he will be exposing in NYC at the Jonathan Levine Gallery in October 20 to November 17 2012.


Is all the hype about The Walking Dead justified



Yes, I like zombies, it’s no secret for anybody that had the pleasure to share a meal with me. I also like to make fun of them because they are slow and dumb, but when they come knocking on my door, let’s just say, I fear them but I am  prepare to face them. Thanks to the Walking Dead comic book series, I am now a master on how to survive the Zombies invasion.  ( no The walking dead is not a survivor guide to a Zombie Apocalypse, but It did gave me a few tips on how to try to make it trough that plague!)



Why is The Walking Dead comic book so good? Its all about human behavior under extreme conditions. The story evolved around a police officer Rick Grimes and is family. I am a believer that the actual Walking Dead are the survivor of this horrible tragedy, death is at every corner they turn and most of them, don’t make it till  next Thursday.




The Walking Dead is such a  good comic book, it is really intense…So intense that I was flying trough the first 3 tomes and I had to stop for a month because  it was too stressful, you get attach to the character’s and they pass trough hell and don’t make it.



Let me clarify something, in comics books, you don’t last for 9 years if you do not have a good story line, especially if your an Independent comic books, do you know How many reboot Superman got over the last nine years? Let me tell you, you don’t have enough fingers to count them! How many reboot did The walking dead had? A Big Zero!! They currently at issue #96 and still going strong and what a ride it is!! Probably one of the best ongoing series right now! I do recommend it highly.


As For the AMC TV show, I’ve watch the first season, I enjoy it but, I am not in a rush to watch the rest. Why is that? It’s simple, the comic book is just better.

If you like comics books, like Zombies… I can guaranty you will be turn on by this master piece.


Gee, I just found out that the Walking Dead video game is coming out this week. They are really starting to milk the cow! Talking about milk & cow, I am still waiting for my Walking Dead cereals!! Imagine it, marshmallow bones, dry up strawberries, an other sure hit for this franchise!



An other summer fill with Super Hero movies


It will be an other summer fill with Super Hero movies with The Avengers, the Amazing Spider-Man & Batman.

Can wait for the Super hero blockbuster of this summer?!

Here are some of my favorite comic book movie adaptation that you can enjoy at home in the mean time.


Kick-Ass 2010 7.9/10 on IMDB

The Comic book  was great and so was the movie adaptation, a lot of funny situation and Big Daddy & Hit-girl are so cool as a tandem of father/daughter super Hero duo.





Watchmen 2009, 7.7/10 on IMDB

disassemble team of vigilante, one of them dies, and the crazy one thinks they are being hunt down, Paranoia!? …Who is watching the Watchmen? Well, you should!





Sin City 2005, 8.2/10 on IMDB

The movie was a mixture of three of my favorite Sin City tales, the black & white rendering of the images is like if you  were reading the bloody thing! Anti-Hero Marv is portrayed by perfection by Mickey Rourke and what a cast of actors! Famous quote Marv “This is blood for blood and by the gallon. These are the old days, the bad days, the all-or-nothing days. They’re back!”




300 2006 7.7/10 0n IMDB

every scene of this movie as something artistic, a must see movie. Famous quote from King Leonidas “Tonight we dine in hell”







Iron-Man 2008 7.9/1o on IMDB

Robert Downey Jr. is just plain amazing as Tony Starks.








Other super-hero movie you might enjoy

Scott Pilgrim Vs the world

X-men 1 & 2

Spider-Man 1 & 2

The Dark Knight


Hell boy


The Crow

Superman: The Movie


Let me know if I miss some one of your favorites.

Do you plan on going to see any super hero movie this summer? Best Interactive Comicbook website Ever?

A Few nights ago, I was procrastinating on the web for inspiration for the concept of my new website. Looking for well render HTML5 website I found , I was in shock, I was mad, I was obviously envying the gorgeous website. I love comics but this is everything I wish my comic book website was, interactive, immersive, and some amazing content.


The random adventure of Brandon Generator is the story of Brandon, a writer who as a permanent writers block. The web site is amazing! Trust me, my thousand of hours lurking on the web makes me an expert in founding cool website… its like nothing I’ve experience before on a HTML base website (it was probably done with Adobe flash on other similar projects before but, we know flash as this dead man walking look in is eyes) any how, is build like interactive comic book; you can go roam in Brandon room, check is voice mail on is mobile, look at the spider in the window and even draw something on a note pad on Brandon desk… I am a fan and can not wait for the next episode to come out in may. Website seem to be sponsored by Windows IE but it runs fine on with Firefox. Till next time, go have fun In Brandon room!