Best Interactive Comicbook website Ever?

A Few nights ago, I was procrastinating on the web for inspiration for the concept of my new website... More »

Jeremy Geddes, photo realistic painter or CGI artist?

There I was running in the snow last January, running to get to the book stores near my work, I really needed to escape during my lunch time. I am giving the long stare at this cover, February edition of Juxtapoz More »

Comic books that should be adapted for the big screen.

I’ve written down a short list below of comic books that to me, are obvious choices to be adapted for a television series or for the big screen. Also, if your are looking for some good comic books to read, that list is golden. More »

Video sketch of my latest drawing.

Hello my friends, I’m back at the drawing table and it feels great! More »

Rising Star: James Jean

James who? I didnt realized that I was holding two books grouping collection of is work... More »

My favorite Comics books.

When I started collecting comic books, color comic book with glossy pages, hologram covers and fancy arts were the rage... More »

Video sketch #2

Hey gang, here’s an other quick sketch. I really enjoy drawing that one, I hope you like it!... More »


Welcome to Volvox Cell


Welcome, My name is Martin and this is my new Awesome blog about what the hell matters to me, comic books, visual artist, TV series, movies and other stuff. I will be also promoting my own art work, it is  a work in progress, I hope that My comic book section will up and running in shortly. will be my new virtual home.

Let me know what you think,  subscribe and share my blog if you like my articles.

Stay tuned!


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