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Wolverine a Montreal Canadian fan?!












A couple of weeks ago, I was re reading The X-Men: Days of Future Past story line because they are adapting that great story to the big screen with Bryan Singer coming back to the X-Men franchise as a director next year and fell on that drawing of Logan about to drink a Molson Ex beer. It got me thinking, what if I had claws like Wolverine, I would definitely drink my beer the way I sketch it!











Ok, I might have push the envelope by drawing him as a Montreal Canadian fan, but I like to think that he might enjoy a cold one while watching is favorite Hockey club.


Video sketch #2





Hey gang, here’s an other quick sketch.

I really enjoy drawing that one, I hope you like it!

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Hey gang, voici un petit sketch rapide fait voila quelques semaine,

J’espère que vous allez l’apprécier!!

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