Best Interactive Comicbook website Ever?

A Few nights ago, I was procrastinating on the web for inspiration for the concept of my new website... More »

Jeremy Geddes, photo realistic painter or CGI artist?

There I was running in the snow last January, running to get to the book stores near my work, I really needed to escape during my lunch time. I am giving the long stare at this cover, February edition of Juxtapoz More »

Comic books that should be adapted for the big screen.

I’ve written down a short list below of comic books that to me, are obvious choices to be adapted for a television series or for the big screen. Also, if your are looking for some good comic books to read, that list is golden. More »

Video sketch of my latest drawing.

Hello my friends, I’m back at the drawing table and it feels great! More »

Rising Star: James Jean

James who? I didnt realized that I was holding two books grouping collection of is work... More »

My favorite Comics books.

When I started collecting comic books, color comic book with glossy pages, hologram covers and fancy arts were the rage... More »

Video sketch #2

Hey gang, here’s an other quick sketch. I really enjoy drawing that one, I hope you like it!... More »


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Wolverine a Montreal Canadian fan?!

                    A couple of weeks ago, I was re reading The X-Men: Days of Future Past

Movies that may have flew under your radar from last year.

Every year, I make my list of must see movie. 2012 was supposed to be an ordinary year movie wise. Here are a few movies

Comic books that should be adapted for the big screen.

Trough the years, I’ve read some comics books that felt like if I was watching a movie such as Frank Millers Sin City & Marvel

Summer movie season is coming over which movie will you go see?

  I love movies and this summer, we have  a killer line up  ahead of us. Just take my money and shut up!! here a

An other summer fill with Super Hero movies

It will be an other summer fill with Super Hero movies with The Avengers, the Amazing Spider-Man & Batman. Can wait for the Super hero