The future is here.






Here some quick updates….

Slowly but surely, I’ve started submitting my work to distributer & publisher. I am really stokes to finally submit my comic book to those companies!

I started writing a short story based on real events of this friend that almost died during the holidays. I can’t wait to finish this story and draw the hell out of it!!! this story will bring me out of my sci-fi shell.

Here some quick sketchs I did last month.

Hope you enjoy them!!



Le future est présent.


y a t’il quelqu’un a l’écoute?

J’ai commencé à faire des soumission de mon travail à des éditeurs et distributeur. J’espère que ca va être positif. On va voir ou cela va me mener.


A temp perdu, j’ écrire une histoire basé sur des faits vécu d’un ami qui a frôlé la mort un soir de décembre. J’ai vraiment hâte de la terminé pour pouvoir la dessiné!!! Ca fait vraiment longtemps que j’y pense et ca va me sortir de mes trucs de science fictions!!

Voici quelques sketch que j’ai fait le mois passée.

À la prochaines!


Toby sketch 3










Toby sketch 2

brandongenerator.com Best Interactive Comicbook website Ever?


A Few nights ago, I was procrastinating on the web for inspiration for the concept of my new website. Looking for well render HTML5 website I found  brandongenerator.com , I was in shock, I was mad, I was obviously envying the gorgeous website. I love comics but this is everything I wish my comic book website was, interactive, immersive, and some amazing content.


The random adventure of Brandon Generator is the story of Brandon, a writer who as a permanent writers block. The web site is amazing! Trust me, my thousand of hours lurking on the web makes me an expert in founding cool website… its like nothing I’ve experience before on a HTML base website (it was probably done with Adobe flash on other similar projects before but, we know flash as this dead man walking look in is eyes) any how, brandongenerator.com is build like interactive comic book; you can go roam in Brandon room, check is voice mail on is mobile, look at the spider in the window and even draw something on a note pad on Brandon desk… I am a fan and can not wait for the next episode to come out in may. Website seem to be sponsored by Windows IE but it runs fine on with Firefox. Till next time, go have fun In Brandon room!