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Jeremy Geddes, photo realistic painter or CGI artist?



There I was running in the snow last January, running to get to the book stores near my work, I really needed to escape during my lunch time. I am giving the long stare at this cover, February edition of Juxtapoz.

My surrounding is buzzing with people. Here I am, Mesmerized, looking at it for several seconds, my winter gear look similar to the Cosmonaut…Mission accomplish, we got lift off! Destination, Jeremy Geddes world, one that is fill with big empty city… a few Cosmonauts and dreamers lurking around. Here I am, not running anymore, looking at the most beautiful magazine cover I’ve ever seen.




At the  first glance I taught that Jeremy arts was made from CGI(computer generated Imagery) but it was not, it is oil painting.

I carried the magazine around to show it to my friends for a few weeks.( You liar! You don’t have any friends! The only friend you had back then was that magazine! and what did you do to that magazine? You cut it into piece to post it on your wall!! ) Every time I pull out the mag to show it to my friends they ask me : “ Do you mind if I keep that magazine? And my response was “ Oh no, I don’t mind, I’ve been carrying it around for weeks so I could finally gave it to you! (NOT) It was clear that I was not the only one that was moved by M. Geddes art work. You can have a view of is latest work at  http://www.jeremygeddesart.com/index.htm








Some of is painting took 6 months to complete and we are not talking part time painting here. He paints 12 hours a day, seven days a week! That is dedication! Is cosmonaut series is mind blowing!








He did also covers for the independent comic book Doomed, they look amazing also!

I’ve got the perfect excuse to visit new York this fall,

he will be exposing in NYC at the Jonathan Levine Gallery in October 20 to November 17 2012.