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Video sketch #1


Hello my friends, I’m back at the drawing table and it feels great! I currently got 90 solid pages completed of this never ending comic book of mine. I wanted to, at first, publish what I did so far and complete the rest eventually. but I was afraid that I would  never have completed it. So I decided to go back to the drawing table for the final leg of the story. I am really exited about what been completed so far.

I will publish sketch’s and updates online more frequently.

So here a video sketch I did over last week end title Toby escape.


Salut, je suis de retour à la table a dessin et ça fait du bien!

J’ai présentement 90 pages complétées de se projet sans fin.

Je voulais au départ publier les trois premières parties que j’ai compléter et par la suite, finir la dernière partie dans le future. Mais j’ai changer d’avis, je veux avoir le début milieu et la fin du projet disponible du même coup.

Je vais mettre en ligne mes sketchs au courant des prochaines semaines.

Voici un petit vidéo d’un des dernier sketch que j’ai fait dernièrement.

Summer Tv shows worth missing some sun over!





Looking to improve your tan for this Summer? Well go outside and stop reading this!  Still here?! I’ve got the summer perfect Tv lineup just for you then!

Some of the best tv show over the last few years are running during summer times. If you are tired to watch reruns of old tv shows on TV, and looking for some of the best creative original series; here a few show I am looking forwards starting this June.


True Blood season 5

Started on June 10th on HBO 9Pm Et

Ok so the first episode played last Sunday, I don’t have great expectation for this season. It feels like no main characters will ever die, and to me, if you got werewolf’s, vampires, demons as neighbors, and you are not afraid to get out at night to take a walk…well lets just says that you are a failure to your clan in Baton  it starting to feels a bit like Season 2 of Heroes where they all got a multi-year contract with the network and nobody died after season one. I hope that one of the Stackhouse doesn’t make it to the Season Six, I actually hope that both of them will die, but really at least , kill off Jason Stackhouse, in any Friday the 13th movie he would be the first dumb ass to die!! We are season 5, it’s about time that they put him to rest, is luck as ran out!




Start on May 27th  on Show Case Canada

Genre: Sci-fi action

We are at episode 3 right now, I really enjoy this show. I just hope it will last more than one season because it feels like they may have a lot more meat they could play around with. One of my friend was making fun of me because I was watching a Canadian Tv show, but right now there is nothing to laugh about this show, they got solid cast members, they got a decent budget for decent effect. The story take place  in the year 2077, a gang of terrorists are brought to justice and escape, but escape to a different time, they are brought back to past in 2012 ( paging Doc Emmett Brown!)

If you like shows like  Fringe, X-Files, Quantum Leap & Heroes, this might be for you!




Breaking Bad season 5

Season 5 start July 15th on AMC

Genre: Drama & gangster

If you haven’t watch Breaking Bad yet, well its about time you get out of the cave you been living in. Some of the best acting I ever seen is from the main actor Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul. Season 3&4 are master piece. I do believe in fifty years they will still talk about that Tv show. Anyhow, I know that if I am still alive in 50years, I wont shut up about it, I will be like… back in my days, I had this science teacher, who got cancer and to pay for is treatment, he decided to make is own crystal meth and sell it!!! I swear!!  (I love to tell stories like if they happen to me, I am such a liar!!) If you got Netflix, they got the first 3 seasons, go watch it now!!


The Newsroom

June 24 on HBO

Genre: Drama
A new drama from Aaron Sorkin with Jeff Daniels On HBO  About a behind-the-scenes look at a cable news channel. M. Daniels is with  Dev Patel from Slum dog millionaire, this should be interesting



Weeds season 8th

Start on July 1st on Showtime

Genre: dark comedy

A lot of my friends quit smoking…hmm, I mean watching that show when the Botwins left the community of Agrestic. I personally think that the show got better when they left and hop around over the last few seasons, I really enjoy season 7th, Kevin Nealon character Doug was is best season so far, every god damn scene he was in last season was hilarious!!  Can wait to see what they got plan for this season!





TRON: Uprising

Season Premiere June 7TH on the Disney XD

Genre: Sci-fi, anime

The action take place between Tron and Tron: Legacy movies. A young program is taken under Tron Wing to combat brutal Occupation of the grid. Yeah,

I am a sucker for Sci-fi and anime and I really enjoy both Trons movies, we will give it a shot and hope for the best.


Men at Work

Started on May 24th on TBS

Genre: Sitcom

A new sitcom starting during summer times, usually, they don’t for last long and they are cancel after the six or seven episodes, anyhow I kind of enjoy this little summer fling with Danny Masterson from That 70’s show, if they continue to broadcast it, I will continue watch it.

Continuum, the Sci-Fi TV series hit for this summer?


So… TV season is over until next fall… or is it?

Sunday night, I was waiting for an other episode of AMC The Killing,  I fell on this new TV Pilot, Continuum. I didn’t have any expectation because well, I never heard of it. The first episode had some visual resemblance with the Tom Cruise movie Minority Report. The story take place  in the year 2077, a gang of terrorists are brought to justice and escape, but escape to a different time, they are brought back to past in 2012 ( paging Doc Emmett Brown!)

The first episode was good and it looks like it might have a bright future and  I know most of geeky friends will enjoy  that show too!

If you like shows like  Fringe, X-Files, Quantum Leap & Heroes, this might be for you!It airing  on Show Case on Sunday night Starting May 27th 2012.