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Rising Star: James Jean



I was looking forward to discover some new artist at my favorite Montreal Comic Con store , labyrinth ( from Toronto) after snooping in the shop for more than 30 minutes.










I Went to cash register and the owner told me “you like James Jean, he is amazing. He is the rising star”  I was like: James who? I didn’t realized that I was holding two books grouping collection of is work.  One was a serie of post cards and the other was a small book that  you unfold its uncover a  six foot wide drawing. I didn’t even know he was also doing the cover art of some  comic books that I owned, The Umbrella Academy  by Gerard Way the signer from the Chemical Romance.

A very entertaining comic book, a really good entertaining comic book to read.




Love the Elephant rider with the octopus in love!




Go check out it blog at http://www.jamesjean.com/blog/ he posted some picture of is Porcelains Jewelries called OVM Bone, they are just G-Damn gorgeous!