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My favorite Comics books.



 When I started collecting comic books, color comic book with glossy pages, hologram covers and fancy arts were the rage. Sin City was everything but that flashy gimmick, it was Dark and gritty, black and white with splash of red or yellow here and there. Marv was everything but a hero and this was refreshing, it was like reading a black and white movie and this is when I realized that comic book were not only about flying Super Hero.  here is my list of must read and favorite comic books.










Sin City: The hard Goodbye by Frank Miller.

What a shock it was reading the Hard Goodbye! I probably read it at 30 times and bough it 3 times ( it got lost a few times) I can easily say that Marv is my favorite comic book character ever, he is a brute with a heart of gold and this story is so well written and drew. As I was reading Marv getting closer to the truth about who was trying to frame him, it was like watching a movie , the pace of the story was amazing and every panel was just so well render.

Akira by Katsuhiro Otomo.

It took me forever to get my hand on the complete collection, back in days there was no EBay or Amazon. So I was trying to get the black and white reprint,  the distributor had made a last print long ago and it took me close to two years to assemble them all. I saw the movie years before I could read the original work, and let me tell you, if you saw the movie, yes its great but,  the comic book is far better! In the comic book,  It goes deeper into the #41/Tetsuo character development and lady Mariko which in the movie we barely see do a cameo. It all, just to tell you how good this graphic novel is; my brother, who is not a comic book reader as read that 2500 page series twice.

 The Ultimate Spider-Man by Mark Bagley and writer Brian Michael Bendis.

I was not even born when Spider-Man started make is first web. So Marvel comics decided to revisit the web slinger for there younger audience or for the comic book lovers  who haven’t had the chance to read the original by stories. So Michael Bendis did an amazing rewrite of the web slinger most notorious tales but instead of  Peter Parker grew up in the 60ties  in the, he was born in the 21st  century, and let me tell you, There is no rest for spider-man in that comic book as he fight back to back all is classic foes. Really a great run by a great duo.



Watchmen by Dave Gibbons and Alan Moore. Who is watching the watchmen? I love that line. The story take place years after the watchmen used to watch over society. An old man is murderer, we learn shortly that he is The Comedian, a member of the watchman. Rorschach, thinks its an conspiracy and that all the ex-members of the watchman are in danger. But who is going to listen when the only one who believe in this machavielic scheme is a violent sociopath?

*BTW If you are reading this Ernesto, I want my copy back!



Y: The last men by Brian K. Vaughan & Pia Guerra.

On a Wednesday morning in July of 2002, all the male species on Earth dies except Yorick Brown, a amateur escape artist and is monkey Ampersand. What save them for the plague? Is the talisman Yorick had just acquired for is girl friend or maybe is new acquire Capuchin monkey? We follow is quest as he try to reunited himself with is girl friend that is currently in Australia. With the help of some new friends, Yorick will try to survive a dangerous journey after the down fall of society. One of my all time favorite with a lot of twist and turn, I’ve already written about this amazing dystopian tale in my blog about comic books that should be adapted for Tv or Movie for more information you can read this blog post : Comic books that should be adapted for the big screen. http://volvoxcell.com/blog/2012/05/26/comic-books-that-should-be-adapted-for-big-screen/

Preacher by Garth Ennis art by Steve Dillon.

We follow the adventure of Jesse Custer, An small town alcoholic preacher and Cassidy a Irish vampire. Jesse as hit the bottom of the barrel concerning is religious belief but everything changes when suddenly  is possesses by the Genesis entity and give him a very special power, the voice of God.





Ultimate’s Mark Millar drawn by Bryan Hitch.

In the Marvel universe at the start of the new millennia, Marvel decided to revisited all there most famous and classic  super hero and rewrite them in the modern area. They did it with the X-men, Fantastic Four, Spider-Man and ultimately the Avengers. To me the Ultimate’s was the best of the Ultimate revamp. We follow the beginnings of the Ultimate’s AKA the Avengers as the are assemble by Nick Fury. It was the first appearance of Samuel L. Jackson impersonating Colonel Fury. We follow the Story of a Bruce Banner that being employ by shield to try to recreate the super solder serum.  It’s a must read for any fans of IronMan, Captain America, Thor, Hulk. The Avengers movie was inspired by this comic book.

The Dark knight Return by Frank Miller. Batman as been retired for close to 20 years and Gotham City as never been in worst shape and been taken over by a Gang name the mutants.Its not for everybody but It was such an original story, yes its batman but its old and gritty batman who came back for a final run. Maybe a buff up Clint Eastwood would have nailed it for a big screen adaptation. Dc comics is actually coming out with a two part animated feature this fall.




Wanted by Marc Millar  art by J. G. Jones.

The bad guys as finally won. One of the man behind the fall from grace of the super heroes, the killers of all killers as been murder. To replace him, is spineless son (who never knew is father) will be sculpted to become everything’s is father was, a ruthless killer. As you read this amazing original story, you can easily found similarities in the artiste portray of the Fox as Halle Berry and Eminem as the spineless boy.






Superman all star by Grant Morrisson & Frank Quitely.

Superman as a secret, and its not that he is Clark Kent.  I didn’t read lot of Superman in my life, but that story and art is so great!! If there is one superman comic book you need to read in your life, I think that’s the one!





Pluto by Noaki Urasawa & Makoto Tezuka.

Its a homage and a rewrite of the Astro boy And what a puzzle story it is! We follow Gesicht, an android who’s trying  to found out, who kill  the most powerful robot on Earth and as the story evolve, we learn that something strange happen to Gesicht in is past but he as no recollection of what is it is. What a superbly written tale, and the art work is just as good! I was on the edge all the time while I was reading that comic book.