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Is all the hype about The Walking Dead justified



Yes, I like zombies, it’s no secret for anybody that had the pleasure to share a meal with me. I also like to make fun of them because they are slow and dumb, but when they come knocking on my door, let’s just say, I fear them but I am  prepare to face them. Thanks to the Walking Dead comic book series, I am now a master on how to survive the Zombies invasion.  ( no The walking dead is not a survivor guide to a Zombie Apocalypse, but It did gave me a few tips on how to try to make it trough that plague!)



Why is The Walking Dead comic book so good? Its all about human behavior under extreme conditions. The story evolved around a police officer Rick Grimes and is family. I am a believer that the actual Walking Dead are the survivor of this horrible tragedy, death is at every corner they turn and most of them, don’t make it till  next Thursday.




The Walking Dead is such a  good comic book, it is really intense…So intense that I was flying trough the first 3 tomes and I had to stop for a month because  it was too stressful, you get attach to the character’s and they pass trough hell and don’t make it.



Let me clarify something, in comics books, you don’t last for 9 years if you do not have a good story line, especially if your an Independent comic books, do you know How many reboot Superman got over the last nine years? Let me tell you, you don’t have enough fingers to count them! How many reboot did The walking dead had? A Big Zero!! They currently at issue #96 and still going strong and what a ride it is!! Probably one of the best ongoing series right now! I do recommend it highly.


As For the AMC TV show, I’ve watch the first season, I enjoy it but, I am not in a rush to watch the rest. Why is that? It’s simple, the comic book is just better.

If you like comics books, like Zombies… I can guaranty you will be turn on by this master piece.


Gee, I just found out that the Walking Dead video game is coming out this week. They are really starting to milk the cow! Talking about milk & cow, I am still waiting for my Walking Dead cereals!! Imagine it, marshmallow bones, dry up strawberries, an other sure hit for this franchise!